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We're building the #1
Web3 Education Platform.

We aim to become the go-to platform for skill-sharing and online learning for the decentralized internet of tomorrow.

An NFT badge for a Crypto Wallet Security course
An NFT Badge for a Phantom Crypto Wallet Security course
A visual preview for the web3 education platform, DegenU
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Partnered with leaders in the Solana ecosystem.

DegenU is an innovative education platform that aims to enhance the online education experience with Web3 technology.

Our platform, built on Solana, will feature educational guides that incentivize learners with with our on-chain rewards system, and give educators new ways to connect with their audience.

The online education platform of the future.

At DegenU, we use Web3 technology to create an immersive and interactive learning experience that helps students understand the key concepts and opportunities in the space.

Our platform features on-chain educational guides that incentivize learners using rewards such as on-chain Gold Stars, NFT Badges, Tokens, and more.

  • Learn Web3 & NFTs without a developmental background.
  • Understand how you or your business can use Web3 tech.
  • Connect, discuss and build with a community of learners.
A mackbook pro mockup with the Web3 Education Platform, DegenU on it.

On-Chain Rewards & Credentials

As a DegenU NFT holder, you will be able to progress through courses and demonstrate your knowledge and skills. By completing courses, you will be able to earn NFT diplomas, badges, certificates & more.

  • Earn Gold Stars for completing courses, which you can redeem for NFTs, Whitelist spots, digital resources, and more!
  • Earn NFT Badges to display on your profile to show your proficiency in specific subjects.
  • Unlock editioned NFTs from creators through custom content